Mega Map-Pack C2 Gets delayed even harder

MMP C1 final update and MMP C2 were meant to come out in the coming months. This was apart of a huge schedule planned that ranged across a few groups and discord severs including the MMP. However, priorities have shifted and it has been knocked all the way back to an unknown date, due to me trying to prioritize certain things

If you were also wondering on the MMP Backgrounds, I have no idea either, I’m currently focused on different projects that I’m more passionate about at the moment, the MMP is not currently apart of this.

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So the MMP is getting delayed even more.

Sad. Reminds me of Burning Ruins Revamp.

Struggling to finish it.

well hopefully this is the last time it gets delayed

i really want this to come out

ah rip
rlly want it to come out