Mellohi Revamped

Status: Gathering Support

Description of Map
So mellohi got revamped. I did help work on this map but only minor fixes but this is mostly friendgaig’s map. x02eq31

Also yes Noobest_User, it’s finally on the forums.
My next map will be a revamp of Rec Room. Or the series I’ll showing. Maybe both? Idk.

Pictures / Videos of Map-

[plastic part is rescue]

Youtube Videos:

A bit blocky but not bad at all

More wall terrain

Done This My Video

done non revamp

ok done revamp, pretty cool

why does the last room not have terraining but the other ones do

This deserves more attention and revive haha

bro y reviv

the fact this only have 3 facts make me mad, deserves more imo.

This map looks sick from the pictures but I can’t load in on any of your maps. Maybe it’s map test being weird.

Hmm… I’ll try to see what’s the issue and fix it. Might take a while but I’ll do it today.

There is a sequel of this map currently in the works! It’s short so I’m gonna extend.

Here’s a preview lol

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man says his level is underrated, what happens next is SHOCKING

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Map is cool tho

this is a very egotistical statement for a meh map

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