Meltdown Outbreak (2670106637)

Status: Completed, still testing for bugs
BGM: Hinkik - Explorers (but eh idk if that fits)
ID: 2670106637 (if it doesn’t work then maybe it could have been typed wrong.

a dumb facility that has the most generic backstory ever loooooool :joy:

Not even a sequel to anything, yet a stand alone map.


volcan o

Feedback is open, just a reminder that it won’t come at the speed of light and sometimes it depends on my mood.

  • Irla_stas

problem here is most of your maps have the same color scheme: rainbow.

anyway looks simplistic. +1 vote

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my reply got deleted >:c

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Lol :joy:

Sequel to Miscellaneous Undertaking. Takes place at the elevator (if you have seen one of the doors at the end of miscellaneous’s ending area) which takes you to yet several rooms with pipes busting out. This time it’s severe.


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When are youg onna make parody of the lab rats one plsz


i did it

exit is not working somehow

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i am liking funny comments only ok

what are your maps in connection?

I saw you working on this today lol when I was working on Vividous Valley

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it does?
i fixed the issue

Still, i like it.
+1 vote.


Nice map I think

Everything abt this is epic, only flaw is that there r too many particles lol

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I honestly agree

I am sure this may or not get in, wasn’t really designed for fe2 but i guess you can add it

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Hopefully he can check it out

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i hope he won’t mind the current bgm lol