Merciful Jungle

Status: Gathering Support, Whitelisted
ID: 2618678998
BGM: Tak and the Power of Juju - Chicken Island
Button Count: 3 Buttons, 2 Group Buttons
Creator(s): Azuraic

Description of Map
A jungle in the marshlands that brings you mercy.

Pictures / Videos of Map-

I appreciate constructive criticism.

jungle marshes better version yay

this looks so good

jungle marsh but better

noice +1 votus for yous

reee was gonna use dat bgm but ok


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This actually looks pretty good! Continue believing on yourself, one day your maps will get added to FE2.

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Thank you!

No problem dude, keep up the good work!

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did i vote?
let me see

Wow very noice

it’s always the trees

Wew, I think this map is the best map that you have made, you deserved my voto. :eyes::ok_hand:

cool map

Even though I am a few months late to reply to this, Merciful Jungle is not a remake of Jungle Marsh.

even though i am 1 month late, this map is outdated

it’s not outdated, the map is replaced. us, map creators are allowed to change the map whenever we want, :slight_smile:

This map is very forgotten already like most of my maps but this isn’t really outdated @LolIsNowExploiting

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how the hell ??