⚙ Mesosphere

:warning: For the best experience, play this map on max graphics, though that may not be possible for some of you. :warning:

Status: Finished, Whitelisted

Map ID: 64xc5e1


Take off into the sky-high steampunk mesosphere!

A map of which I made sure to put more effort into. Lately, I have been holding back with detailing on some of my recent maps. Albeit this time, I went all out. Mesosphere is somewhat based off of Heavenly Bastion (note the clouds in images). What I was most proud of when making this was the giant airship at the end of the map. It was so much fun to make.


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Time to Complete
Solo - Estimated to be around 1:36
DominoContributing - Mesosphere

I also like this clock tower that I made. This was fun to make alongside the airship.

A mini-town area. Also the start of where you enter the airship.

The airship:

Videos go here:

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I feel like it needs a different name.

mesosphere in other words is just another term for sky, also i wanted it to sound cool with a one word map name lol (such as lighthouse)

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Ok, never mind lol

Hands down the best map I seen ever yet.

Awesome map, the detail is amazing
the blurry pictures threw me off a bit though

Ah yes.

S k y.

Anyways beautiful map

now this is a gaming moment

looks cool cant wait to play also reminds me of heavenly bastion

how do you build maps so fast yet make them look so good

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work on the map (almost) all day, take some breaks, sleep, repeat

Remove the blur in the picture so we can see them better, but great map!

bro this looks so good oml

take my vote master limevendetta

favorite thing is the art >:) (jk)

i’ll send an entire message with the unblurred versions of the photos

I still love the steampunk stuff back in 2 years ago

This just made me feel liking it back again




Woah , ive never seen this beautiful map
Instant vote from me

I love the picture at the beginning of the post


what the actual hell how can a 2 day map look so beautiful