Metaverse Week 2 Still Not Over Please Get Back It

metaverse week 2 isn’t over but flood escape isn’t allowing to get me badge i collect 10 pages today i want get all badges and the week 2 has 7 hours plz get back badge i want all week 2 isn’t over ( Roblox Name : Egm021 )

week 2 is over in crazy’s time zone so we can’t do anything about it

but the roblox s time zone is usa

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You’re way too late then. Week 3 has already started and week 2 is over.

Bro i got all metaverse champions

I like how everyone complains that Crazy took event and everyone didnt get badge for a week. Its just funny

LOL True

What so special in this event? I saw that you getting chest as cosmetics, but sense? -_-


What so special in this event?
I see people literally dying to get a flippin’ chest in deathrun.

In 4 characters name is:Spark Secret, AJ Crates, FeyYoshida and Wrens Treasure

man roblox’s time zone might be usa, but crazy’s time zone is uk so he can remove it when he wants bruh

bruh i have all to but i want collect ALL badges

bruh i gat 45 badge this week only dont have this week 2 badge

  1. You had 1 week
  2. Still dont uderstand why you need those badges

I have all badges now you already too late