🚅 Metropolis Neo

Status: Whitelisted

ID: 3465489307

Craziness Level: Easy/Medium

Description of Map
In a world where the dark sciences have taken over, only one city remains…

Pictures / Videos of Map-

very epic cactusblast64

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I have to say this map is really good the detail, the theme almost every thing is pretty nice and decent.

And is something mush more different then your three other maps. Keep up the good work. :+1:

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epic gameplay as always! altough i did get confused at some parts.

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this is pretty cool ngl but i think you might need to take note to lower the brightness of the neon, seeig as you use Technology: Voxel as the lighting

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this map isnt even possible
i have tested it and theres thing jump after the 2nd button that is extremely luckbased, can you fix that please

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i’m getting veryfakeguest vibes


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I get the map theme might be neon, but the color scheme stinks.

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I dont get the metro feel


This map gets my vote. I managed to beat it and I have to say its very challenging at least for me

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As I said before, I’m not a fan with bright neon and black walls.
Still looks decent tho


pretty cool gotta say

pic 5 really reminds me of super bomb survival lobby

sorry but it is not possible after the second button the jump is too far and it is impossible to make the jump!

It actually is you see those two pink the blue at the other platform jump and try to land on those, cause you can jump on them.

So it is possibly but the second part is just to dark, like dark.

Highly detailed map, looks like you put a lot of effort into this. Nice job.

Small Update:

  • Removed some Cheese (Cheats)
  • Added a sound effect to last button
  • Ladder after second button is now a truss to be more noticeable
  • A few other changes regarding gameplay
  • Removed parts only used during development
  • Changed Lighting so now you can see even in low detail (demonstrated below)

The yes.

bro same :o

i’m getting some really nostalgic vibes from pic 5 btw
because of super bomb survival lobby ;-;