Midnight Ravine

ID: 6066131945

Status: Whitelisted and always improving!

Description of Map
Welcome to Midnight Ravine. It used to be a storage place, but then a bit of it caught on fire, miners took advantage of the mystical crystals, and, yes, the whole place started to FLOOD! But that was a few years ago and people tried to make use of it again, but now, the entire thing is happening again! Everything has been abandoned, including the mine, the storage place, and the field with the beautiful crystals, but nobody decided to warn YOU about the disaster! So now you’ll need to escape the rapidly rising torrent of acid and the abandoned Midnight Ravine!

There are 3 hidden baby noobs sitting around here. Can you find them?
Me and my friends like to hang out at a spot here…

Please give constructive criticism on the design and gameplay. Thanks! :smiley:

why the average 255 neon color crystals

i am impressed

some places are too bright and most are too dark

I don’t really like when people spam crystals on the walls but I guess it’s alright.

Woah! This map is alright/decent imo.

crystals are so repetitive.

Too many crystals are bright, it’s very dark, weird red lights

some blockyness and it is really hard for ez

I made it less repetitive by making the crystals exclusive to only the first room.

I thought it was easier than Marred Dreams :v
I added more arrows to make things less confusing

the water rises really fast and it turns to acid immediately.

Same with Marred Dreams, but I analyzed it and Marred Dreams acid is faster in terms of pace. It’s possible to speedrun it solo and get to the top floor of the mine room before the acid starts filling the room.

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