Mini Moon - Tank Submission

Name: Mini Moon

a miniature blue moon tank

wow, holy shrek, that’s actually legit. But it doesn’t seem like a tank lol

its different than the usual cylindrical shape most tanks go for i guess since not all tanks have to be a tank

example: oof tank

the debree is maximum lag reduced using box collision and cancollide false meanwhile the center being the moon is a mesh

Oof tank is still kinda cylinder.

true i guess

i think ill just make a different tank or something since a miniature moon doesnt seem to suite tanks

i like it

Holy heck
Looks cool
But it’s more of a sphere
And it prob has a lot of parts

I didn’t know noobs were able to lift that heavy things! WOW!

This guy would be suprised to see this

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This tank is in FE2! Congrats

So, corespacecorespace got his tank in game. Nice

im still really happy it got in ;-; never thought this would happen


Well… I don’t care when I revive this, but still congrats on getting your items to FE2. Also, may I have a close look at this blue moon base?

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