Molten Mineshaft [W.I.P]

Map Info:
Status: Unwhitelisted, 20 seconds of map gameplay created.
Creators: Techychello2075 (Me) and Techychello123.
Part Count: N/A
BGM: Neo Nomen - RE:RUN:
Button Count: N/A (1 so far)

Spawn Room (By Techychello2075) - Can I have some feedback on how to detail this room?:

First Hallway (By Techychello2075):

First Room (Gameplay by Techychello2075, tweaked by Techychello123) - Any other ways to detail this room? The detailing isn’t done yet so I would like some suggestions!:

Tower 1 (Gameplay by Techychello2075 and Techychello123, Details by Techychello2075) - Any ways I can make gameplay better?:
First half of tower:

Second half of tower:

Outside View:

This map has been in production for 2 months now, but it’s slow to start because me and Techychello123 have been making our final touches to our first map, called Futuristic Laboratory as it gets whitelisted into FE2CM. This will take a while before it is comeplete but this will hopefully be a better map than Futuristic Laboratory.

Inspirations (more will be added as time goes on)

  • Magmatic Mines (Rails and lava color)
  • Ancient Shrine (Moss decoration)

Please give feedback, and have a nice day! :smiley:

better then my maps

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is this ur first map?


ahhh ok

bit meh

actually I think this is pretty good for a second map


Any feedback or anything like that I want to make this map the best it can be

are u guys wanting some help?

if u guys need some help I love to help My username Is CromchyNuggets

No we are fine.
Thanks for asking though!

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ok that’s fine

bro one day i wanna collab with you @Techychello2075 (lol sorry for ping)

it looked promising until the third picture

not bad, i recommend making terrain for this room though


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Thanks for the feedback!

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Ok, heres a bit of an update in scenery department @FedeDoesStuff (sorry for ping)
Does it look any better yet (I’m not done yet by the way)?

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Me liek this when finished