Moonlight Shimmer W.I.P >Collab Map< [Under Construction]

Status: Gathering Support/ Not whitelisted / Under scripting

Well… im thankfull to my team, without they, it would not be real.




-Somitton( ME! )

Map History: You are an explorer who made a trip to Greece. In one of your expeditions, you find a sort of ancient Greek temple for worshiping the moon goddess, Selene. You marvel at it, but everything starts to get unclean when night comes. It was a form of defense against enemies. When night arrives a platform detects lunar light and releases water.


LOL. It is the @452stnapynroc

First room

That Cylinder plataform is the spawm.

Second Room

Way to third room

Third rooom

Underground Forest

cylinder platform*

I like the final result of the first and third room, but the second room is not very good for me. Can anyone help me with this?

I feel like there is an over-usage of the colour blue. You should use more harmonious colours (colours which are close to blue) to represent this or you can even use a colour opposite to blue or use more darker colours to make the blue pop out even more.
I’d rather you make the pillars and place white but make some blue cracks seep through the walls around the beginning areas. Probably doing this on a button function to make the map even cooler!

And abot parkour? What can be better?

I haven’t tested the map yet, it’s not whitelisted currently

Looks good. A vote but please less space

Ok. Thx

I agree with this.

Unfortunately, you replied to an inactive user.

oh lol