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I finished my map, and now I need to find out how to turn the map into a model. Show me the steps in pictures, please.

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A tutorial upcoming for you.

I would recommend using this

Well…I will make the tutorial for no reason ._.

Also, where do you publish it as model?

Welcome to my 4th tutorial for a person :smiley:

Well…First, separate your map like this:

Anotação 2020-02-12 211335

Second, group all:

Anotação 2020-02-12 211336

Third, click in your right of your mouse and click to save to roblox:

Fourth, Write the name of the map and description (And you do have to allow copy to CrazyBlox whitelist)

Click in submit and you finished

I hope you like it!


Right click the model in studio, save to roblox, name it as any as you want, done

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I accidentally make it a model when I’m not finished. What do I do?

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you could save the finished version into the same model

Well…I will make another tutorial for it.

Wait for it.

It will be take by 8 min (I guess).

That’s a while, but i can wait :no_mouth:

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what about mine tho

What about your what? Idk what you’re talking about.

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t will be take 10 min ._.

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No. I’m asking how do I undo making the model? Which shortcut is it?

Right click and ungroup it

Actually nvm I did Ctrl+Z and it undid it. Now it’s time for another one of my numerous Map Creations Questions topics.

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Okay, im bare to see it

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