(MORE SCREENSHOTS!) Abandoned Facility Remaster 🌊

Today’s post update:

Hi guys, I’m gonna post here more often. Since Christmas and that stuff is over, I have a bit more time to start making this. One problem is that a lot of the games I play have winder/christmas events going on. Once I finish that, I’ll probably work on the map for 2-3 hours a day. My plan is to release it before March 2021. The other bigger problem is that online school starts soon for me. That is kinda annnoying, since I’ll only have time in the afternoon to make the map. Normal school starts on January 24th, but that might change because of COVID (I hope it does). Again, if school will be terrible and I get lots of homework, I can’t promise it before March, but I hope online school stays for a longer time like in 2020 (stayed until June). About progress, I have almost finished the storage room and I finished the gameplay for the green room. I have a bit more ideas for the room after the storage room, so I’ll probably do that faster. I hope you’re all excited for this mega-update. I promise It’ll be worth it.

Previous post update

Everything is coming along nicely. I have decided to upload some screenshots of unfinished rooms and I’ll update them when I add something new. I hope you are all excited! Also, if you’re curious, the object count is 4684 so far.

Sneak peeks (Spoilers)




Main Room:

Finished, no screenshots.
(Contains 2nd button)

Storage Room:

Gameplay Done, needs wall deco and shelves (to actually look like a storage room)
(Contains 1st button)

Room that leads to 3rd and 4th button:

Gameplay mostly done, decoration not started.


Gameplay mostly done, decoration not started.
(Contains 3rd button)


Gameplay probably done, decoration not started.

Room above main room that leads to tall green room:

Gameplay mostly done, decoration not started.

Tall green room:

Gameplay finished, decoration not started.


Not started yet, I’m deciding how long it will be, how many rooms there will be and how big they are going to be.

Sneak peeks will be released once the specific room has a major change. Not based on votes, just when I add something interesting. Some may not contain images.

Main Post:


Released map.


New BGM, Fixed Last room entrance hitbox, made glass to air tank storage and control room collidable, made last room lava start rising 5s faster.

2.0 (Unreleased):

Overhauled decoration and gameplay, remade entire sections of the map, EXTENSION!, buffs and more!

ID: 3054434241
Song: Old Abandoned Facility OST
Status: Update in the works, Gathering Support.
Difficulty: Insane
Creator: Crazyblox (Old Abandoned Facility’s creator), MrBloxMC
(credits to cutyme0 for the Abandoned Facility model)
Average completion time: 1:10
Part count: 2215
Button count: 4

Map description: Remake of Abandoned Facility, mostly blue except last room. Slight buffs to some jumps and vents. I tried using a variety of materials because I don’t do that a lot.

Please report any shortcuts and add a screenshot of them because I want this map to be fair for all, so the skilled people can’t corner clip for example to access a part early

Backstory: It’s going to be a great day! You and your friends are invited to a tour of the world’s best water producing and filtering facility. You make your way to the facility and meet the guide, who will give you a tour. After some time, you’re about to go to floor 5 where the guide is waiting for you after finishing the bottom basement but suddenly the elevator stops on floor -2 and all power elsewhere is cut out. Someone has dropped a hammer on the Power Switch! The elevator is stuck on floor -2 so there’s no way out. Suddenly, you hear the flowing of water. You remember there’s a button in one of the storage rooms and air tanks too. Now your task is to press the button and continue onward to restore the power and stop the flood. Good luck, escapees!


Click here to show images.

The Elevator: Players start here, the door opens and leads to the hallways.

The Hallway: Players make their way into the 1st large room with the air tank through here, doors aren’t functional.

The Lobby (1st Room): This room has an air tank, the 2nd button (group) and vents that lead to other areas. One vent isn’t functional. Don’t try to dance clip through any of the vents because there’s a 3 stud thick wall preventing you from doing that.

The 1st Storage Room: As said in the story, there’s a button in a small room with crates. This room has 2 possible ways to access the button. One behind the player after they fall through the vent and the other to the right. (Both directions are correct if you face the button after falling through the vent) Also, the shortcut here is nonexistent since there isn’t a part in the shortcut’s place.

The 1st vent: After exiting the storage room when the water started rising, the vent to the left is the next path players take after pressing the 2nd button above the air tank.

The 2 Tubes: Players make their way through these tubes with spinning fans which filter water over to the 3rd button which you can see at the bottom of the 2nd Tube’s screenshot.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=You can see the button above here ↑
The 2nd Storage room: This room contains the exit and the power switch. Players start at the bottom and make their way to the top using the shelves and planks. The shortcut here is patched, too but the barriers disappear after you press the 4th button.

Videos (Thanks to everyone who recorded this! I can't include every one of them since there are so many, but if you want yours included, message me on the forums)

Math gamer
PanixXer (my friend)

Fun facts about old version: Most of the materials used to be DiamondPlate, but I have started using a wider variety, and I think this is a better improvement.
Elevator originally didn’t have the buttons and current floor display.
1st Storage room button platform wasn’t a room itself, it was like the one in normal abandoned facility
Vents used to have a lot more lights.
Last room was gonna be mostly blue and again, diamond plate material but I thought of making it green and change some of the materials to mix up the theme a little. Then I found out green was the good color choice because the water turns to acid in that room.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope you enjoy the map! Again, feedback is appreciated.

The tunnels sticking out feel really strange, especially in the second pic where one of them are off centered.
I’m talking about the tube rooms btw.

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i’m gonna try and change those rooms, they seem weird to me too

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no words, i vote

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god, you must have put lots of effort into that


The map is really nice, a lot of work put into this. I have some suggestions for this map, though

  • In the 1st room in original AF there was a big screen saying to evacuate. You could make one of the cameras showing static (from old TV’s) image. This could make the map look even more detailed.

  • The last room has too slow pacing. I purposely waited 20 seconds after I pressed the last button (yes, I fell there once too) for the lava to rise. You must make the lava start going up faster.


Please reduce the neon. It’d be a pain with ShadowMap :pensive:
Though really cool!


Very epic


i am left speechless of this beauty, you gained a vote


not much, It took me around 2 weeks

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Thanks a lot!


Thank you very much!

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Yea, I started making it with compability and the neon was dine, i’ll try my best

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where’s fog .-.
nice map anyway

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Thanks a lot for your feedback!
I’ll add some screens showing evacuate and add static to some of the cameras.
And in the last room, i nerfed the time it took the lava to start rising by 15 seconds and it’s still super slow lol

There’s a bit of fog in the vent once you start, should I add more?

Thanks a lot! I made this for a friend’s game and thought it would be cool to make it compatible with FE2 Map Test.

would you mind if you used this old abandoned facility song https://www.roblox.com/library/4813497478/Room3Music-Reupload or nah you want the one in FE2 rn?

Also voted cause it looks kinda epic

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i’ll take a listen

Sounds way better, thanks!
Also, thank you for the vote! :smiley: