My 10 Hardest Map Test Maps That I Have Beaten

This idea is mostly from Baneworth on YT, so sub to him and watch his list.

This does not need an explanation besides these are the maps I have beaten and it is my opinion.

ok begin

10: Core
Although this map is the foot lettuce of this list, it isn’t easy. The rotating lava walls pose as the biggest challenge, where a mistimed start will lead to death later. The only map on the list that should stay insane.

9: Swamp Marsh
One of my favorites on this list. I enjoyed playing it. The map would kill you if you were too slow early on, or you miss one of the several complex and long jumps. The flood rate looks slow, but it becomes menacing once you start to feel it.

8: Jungle Inferno
This map was hard mostly because of the jumps. I never really died during the flood. The jumps are pure evil though. All of them require shift lock, which is hard for me to activate for some reason. Real great map though.

7: Sunset Temple
This map I beat yesterday, and it took me 70 minutes. The path was hard to get used to, and the buttons were hard to get. The map has an even amount of difficulty from the parkour and the flood. But for me, the final tower felt quite easy, as I beat it on my second time there.

6: Omitted Temple
Another temple map. This one’s major spike was the flood rate. It would shoot up unexpectedly. The parkour was semi-difficult, like Blue Moon’s. The map was quite confusing the first few times, and I had to watch a playthrough of it to know where to go.

5: Annihilated Academy
This one was insane. Three hours of this. It was crazy difficult. The jumps and the pacing were hard to master, and I often died at the long climbing sections. I also often died after being to slow and becoming dissolved by the lava.

4: Scream Fortress
This is the hardest disney12 map yet. The jumps were hard as hecc, and the lava caught you unexpectedly all the time. The bones were a pain in the neck, and those hanging platforms that get thinner are annoying. But I also love this map.

3: Overdrive
This was so annoying to beat. Each part I would fail the first 10 attempts at it. It was cruel. The jumps were often easy to miss and the flood would pull a tracer and kill you if you stop for a second or make a small mistake.

2: UnderSci
Another map I beat recently. This was one of the worst things I have experienced in Roblox. It was annoying as fricc. That gosh darn tower would murder me every time. You have to Naruto run to beat this map. The last hallway also was a pain, as those tiny jumps killed me several times.

Honorable Mentions:
Took me 30 minutes, and it was hard, but felt like an insane map.
The Clubhouse
This is here because it was confusing. Pretty easy though.
Western Frontier
Another confusing one, nothing to say.

It took me a whole week and 18 hours in total to beat this crazy map which reached number 1. I like the map, but I hate that I decided to move on with it. and I got no screenshot. I hate recording software.

Without further ado, number 1 is…

1: Technological Destruction (Unnerfed)
This map is the most cruel thing I have ever experienced since something else that I would rather not talk about. 18 hours. Everything about this map is cruel. The jumps. The scripting. The flood. The lights. They all add up to create living hell. I tried to see if I could find a original map that was harder than this, and I could not find one. but through all these struggles, this map is awesome. The detail, scripting, and the gameplay are great. I wish to see more by veryfakeguest.

I know there are maps I have mo tried. I have not tried Nine Circles, or Lugia731’s maps, or Raging Depths, or even Shutdown. I might make a list of map’s I have not included but would be on the list if I beat them soon, but for now, this is my list.

Thanks to Baneworth for a great idea.


Oh hey you watch him? I watch him too : )

Nice list though. I don’t really have a set list yet mostly because I forgot some of the maps I beat. But maybe one of the hardest maps I may have beaten solo was Effulgent Repudiation.

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baneworth’s a really good yter, really underrated ngl

  1. its not that hard but i confess: the lasers are cancer
  2. tbh core is harder than that but i can see what you mean by the lava rate
  3. good point, the jumps are menacing but some parts are more fun than another
  4. ommited’s easier than this but yes the difficulty is merciless, especially when reaching the swimming part
  5. meh not so hard when you beat it once, however the purple lava room will always be the hardest
  6. surely was a challenge, kinda shame this wasnt accepted
  7. that map is very annoying in gameplay, especially the wooden “shelf like thing” jumps (idk if you’d understand)
  8. no other description would match the overall view on this map
  9. the tower is repetetive but also a challenge, not extreme but a worthy challenge
  10. extreme version is worse even tho never tried the harder version, but i clearly see your pint. living hell is a perfect word to describe the difficulty of the gameplay

gosh, finally someone watches :b:aneworth

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