My Birthday Collab :D

Omg My Birthday is today so i though of it and i wanted to do an collab for my birthday if can please come it will make me very happy and im sorry about the mean things about crazyblox if its true that i cant use the discord thats fine i hope you guys have awsome day also make sure to wish me an happy birthday please (not forcing you to) (11 parts)

  1. @heyitzcodyplays
  2. @floodyboii
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depends on what the theme of the map is

if it’s something i could say “i’m a good builder” at, then i’ll consider it

its kinda gonna be like the doors map
but you can do anything in your room thing

okay… @NAW_X

not sure

might consider it, but don’t add my username yet

i wont kk

happy birthday

Well I join because my bday is tmr

ok username???

b r u h

u wanna join?

no thank
plus there really isn’t that much insider information so should i care?

well the map theme is kinda like the doors map but you can add anything in your room


so you wanna join?

oh ok