My FE2 Suggestions


Note to Crazy: If you are reading this, you might want to actually keep these thoughts in mind as of they could really up FE2!

Hello there. Today, I’m going to give some suggestions for FE2. I don’t think we need any extra notes, so let’s just get into it.

Dark Sci Facility
First, DSF. I think that this map needs some updates. Maybe try to wedge the platforms in the hardware area, or as you like to say, “round”. It would look cool and more futuristic. It wouldn’t change gameplay at all. Just detail. I would also try to put more of those orange hardware things. You know what I’m talking about (crazy you know). And I would also like it so that sometimes when the screen shakes, the lights go out (or neon parts going gray). The reason I request this is usally when something is collapsing, it would shaking, and that shaking causes some destruction. Also same with the hardware area, except SOME hardware go gray. I don’t know how hard that is, but at least try.

Abandoned Facility
Abandoned Facility. Now I like this map. But there should be some more detail. and thats all i request fo dis map.

The airtank looks more like an air bubble. How about if you have a tank equipped, the airtank will look like the tank you have equipped. Obviously, the tank if for cosmetics only. And I’m not requesting that.

The NPC in the lobby tells you no advice on how to play the game. I suggest like “Airtanks are used for diving sections of a map. They can be really useful! If you see one, pick it up!”

More Button Functions in Maps
I think that there should be more Button Functions in maps. They are a really cool edition to maps, and are pretty amazing. PLZ DO DIS CRAZYBLOXO.

My final request is notifications. You know like, “Crazyblox is now LIVE on Twitch!”. Up the GUI a bit up know. Like if someone has locked it to insane, put the text in a box (rounded you know what i mean) and put the message there, with a lock next to the text.

So those are my suggestions. Please keep some of these mind Crazyblox, as of I would love to see this in FE2!



This is cool, and i like the suggestions!