My map aint loading

when i try to load a map i made myself it says “Map load failed: Asset is not trusted for this place” when i try it again, it says “Map load failed: Temp read failed.”

RobloxScreenShot20210413_093615220 (2)

i whitelisted the map a couple of weeks ago, i have older and newer maps too but they load properly (all have the latest map making kit)

and also no short IDs appear in the output when i try to load the map

check if the id is completely accurate (like check for spaces)

also check if the format is correct and the map has all necessary parts (like exitregion, exitblock, etc

My idea is to wait before clearing the queue. Check Twitter to see if it would be done long ago! When the queue is ready, you can hand in your map before Crazyblox could have your map and add it in the community game. And make it available, AND don’t delete the Spawn, the Buttons, ExitRegion, Settings and the Ziplines. Otherwise it is not playable. Settings, ExitRegion and the Spawn are both important.

So give it a try.

Also check this website! Then you can check if the queue has cleared. Full means you cannot submit the map on the uncleared Queue.

That’s simple

Probably Crazy didn’t accept your map due of some glitch probably