My map's TOO blocky :/

How to not make a map blocky tho?? Also how do ppl make their parts realistic such as wood? It is just a simple red block for me,how do I make it look like wood? Are fe2’ers ok with many wraps and side jumps? Is it ok to use animating lavas from the ‘models’? I never built ANYTHING in ANY platform so I am really unfamiliar with theis type of stuff.(I also never scripted anything). I know how to scale,move,union,group,ungroup,change transparency and stuff but I don’t know things like how to do a map that is not blocky

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add wedges


and ummm how to make it look like wood?


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Is that done by right click?

no you can do it by properties

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do I need some sort of texture id stuff or can I just choose from there?

you can choose from the properties
there is a Material property
double click it will show a drop-down menu of what material to choose

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oooooooo lookz good now I know how to add wedges and how to make parts look realistic ty

np lol




not at this being alive :neutral_face:

well not really uhhh

are your maps less blocky now

technically yes, because they dont exist anymore :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:


its ok if its you first map, my first map was very blocky too

technically all maps are blocky
unless you only use meshes

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