My Plans for Map Development in 2020

Hello, it’s me again. This post could also discuss some possible builds for other games. I will list them all in order of when I will do them. This post is in relation to Icygon’s post.

Cold Taiga and Salt Marsh
Revamp Tomorrow Hill
Archived Laboratory Remake
Finish Macabre Manor and Desert Valley Remake
Haven Hollow
Nuclear Base and Crystal Cathedral
Finish Rainforest Ruins
Finish Space Base
Abandoned Subway
Extend Classic Heights
Finish Ancestral Tombs Remake (This might be cancelled)
Acidic Infrastructure
Volcanic Mesa
Beyond the Ruins
Sloped City
Tomorrow Hill
Mountainside Grotto

Hope this is understandable.

You have a lot of ideas wth


This is quite a lot of ideas i see

name sounds kinda lame, however i am not asking you to change it

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weird flex but ok