My Roblox account got deleted

Hi, My Roblox account got deleted forever. It got permanently deleted.

nice inspect element tho

Stop creating these fake bans

wait, lemme just start from the start:

  1. i just checked your roblox account. it is fine and you didnt got banned
  2. roblox mods are never banning peoples with the reason you are having rn
  3. its not your first time lying to us - your first post in the forums factically the same thing you did right now
  4. before fooling us write the date normally (20202, really?)

you can’t get banned for evading discord server bans lmao what

  1. discord is a different platform they won’t ban you if ur banned there
  2. it will say how much robux you have
  3. don’t u get a message when ur banned?
  4. mathfacter360 isn’t a roblox moderator

oh yeah
the font is different than normal
so stop trying to trick us

this is not real

first off the ban page doesn’t look like that
second off your robux is not shown as an interrogation mark (?) when banned
third thing is that you already said you can’t see buttons on the topbar
and you can’t get banned for evading #mathsquad lol

but nice inspect element