My water is broken what the hecc

ok so i was testing my new map but the water is non functional and the swimming animation always drags me to the center. when i die the water then only functions and i cant enter the lift. what is this?

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is there any welds in the map?

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i have no idea why but this happened to me lol

check if any states have the word lava or acid with caps.

ok lemme test it out later

make sure there are no speling errons in the eventstring or in the eventscript

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Hey the SAME happened to my Collapsed Base!

This is why I replaced it

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You have to check the stringvalue of the state of water.

JUST REMIND YOURSELF that it’s suppose to spell “lava”, not “Lava”, or if your making a acid, your needing to spell it “acid”



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you really just revived topics

yes they call me the topic reviver for a reason

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