Mysterium ( IN GAME )

Status: In game

Set in an evacuated mine, a team of players has to race to the elevator before the flood rises and kills them all


Shadowy Mines


OMG so cool :smiley:

Cool Map, I like it

I’m more than 99.999% sure this will make it in the game! (seriously) Looks fantastic

Update: I’ve added a fog and some details into the map:

( yay it’s white listed)

Also, I wish I can find a better name for this map ( the current name sounds very awkward lol )

Amazing… period
By the way, for the name, call it something like Mining Chao… or Mining Catashrophe ? maybe?

wow this guy just copied my map and sent it to the testing grounds…

wait that YOUR map ? O_o

really claustrophobic. however this map is still much better than most maps which were sent in.

yep its even in the 1st page ( mine is in page 4 ) :frowning:

oh that motherf********

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report him now !!!

Update again:

  • Music is changed
  • Turned some of the pillars’ collisions off
  • Made the map less crampy?
  • Made some of the platforms easier
  • Fogs are now thicker
  • Speed of the flood is changed
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All your maps are amazing. C:

Why can’t Crazyblox just add one of your best maps. You freaking deserved your map to be in the real game.

Especially core
Shook that it didn’t get added with its great design

Core kinda strays too much from what FE2 is. I wouldn’t add it


Agreed, Core kinda goes away from FE2, but it’s still a great map, the reasons I guess Core wasn’t added is because it uses rotating platforms, floating water/on walls.


Floating water on walls doesn’t seem to bad of an idea, it was most likely from da moving objects. :>