Name cool songs here

This one is one of my favourites



heres one of them

totally not using this for a project

Such an underrated track, but it’s such a jam.

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I’m making a GD level using that song. (Dance of the Violins) @Epic_Sponge

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the sequel of name every map: Oh so you like music? name every song

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this is really the only one i could find

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Because yes

Wait you are the person who I play Super Doomspire with.

Probably my best song ye.

yeah that was was cool
I also liked that crystal one

well u didnt say no kpop
Dc :heart_eyes_cat:
Flashing images etc warning :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
i mean it there are so many lighted and flashing parts everywhere k bye

My favourite game ost

My favourite J-Pop (If you dont like J-Pop you can ignore these

Other music I liked

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i like the jpop one, minacraft (inside jokes) and roaring flare

my favorite songs from this guy

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Top 2 best of my songs.

#1: Scroll up.


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