Name for my wip map

So which name is more fitting?

  • Unseen Beauty
  • Mt. Floods

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The maps seems weird due to plastic

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where do you see plastic lol


it’s the lightning lol


Oh ok then

maybe you thought the map has plastic because of the distance where i took the photo
the grass looks like plastic, but it’s not


wait is this the dropper from minecraft but in fe2??

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it looks like it

i think you didn’t get it.
you spawn where the islands are located

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that’s where you spawn

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Wall terrains is a bit weird

The dropper map

Nostalgia ;-;

Soo… The grass got burnt by the lightning strike and turned to plastic

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sorry i meant the lighting*

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well the map was inspired by this pic


No wonder why you made “Unseen Beauty” a choice

btw here’s the backstory:
Long ago, in 2000 B.C, Mt. Floods was a beautiful place that had its own village, but one day, all the villagers left the village for no reason. The houses were fully destroyed and no one has seen the village till now.
Nowadays, this place is abandoned and no one has seen this place for 1900 years! You and your friends discovered this place by accident, when you were walking in the jungle.
But, your friend decided to scare you while you were standing at the edge of the mountain. Your friend scares you and… you began to fall. You know, that you will die…
2 days later
You realised, that you have been unconscious for 2 days, and your friends thought that you’re dead and left you. Then, suddenly, water began to rise! Now you must escape the mountain…

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wall copy and paste?

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