Nautilus [DEMO]

Status: Gathering Support! Demo!

Description of Map
This is a DEMO version of my map: Nautilus. I decided to revamp it after 6 months leaving it abandoned.
Map ID: jh5uey [There is also a pack of maps like: Nautilus Revamp but you can’t play it since it is private, Nautilus Layout and an old map]
BGM: Creo - Nautilus

Pictures / Videos of Map-

Video from B_loxes.

sorry if this is rude but
whats with every map layout = facility

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Looks nice so far

The detail might be over the top (the first few pics), but it looks pretty cool. If it were blue or smth it would fit the name Nautilus, but this looks pretty cool

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a little over detailed
but pretty cool
also i found a free model of this and a day later i saw this post xd

I didn’t use free model tho.

Because detailing a layout map with another themes is very hard you know, and it doesn’t fit on this map either. The indoor map can’t be detailed with a natural theme. A cave theme? It isn’t really fit. Facility theme might be a great theme for indoor maps. Outdoor maps should be fine with various of themes.

Btw I recommend adding more decor and variations of the facility rather than just being the same details.

Add some stuff like, props, ladders, wall decor, screens, etc

isn’t loading:
short id is: jh5uey

Replace the id with that because numbered ids are disabled


ik lol

Looks cool but part count???

Make use of textures

Looks very detailed but also kind of empty and bland. Like @Voltzwinger said, make use of textures. One thing that I really like about your map is the fact that you use many shapes (as seen on the walls, roof, etc. Overall, this map is still very good and has great potential.


Yeah I think so.

Details on point, but feels like the same thing over and over. Could add some more
I feel like the gameplay might be a little off
This looks fantastic though
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Ima improve it.