Need some help with the EventString

I don’t understand the path to change water state and move water like:
Lib.Script.setWaterState(Lib.Map.Intro._Water1, "acid")
Lib.Map.Intro ??? I don’t understand this path… Another example:
Lib.Script.moveWater(Lib.Map.Intro._Water1, Vector3.new(0, 30, 0), 10, true)
Another time the Lib.Map.Intro part shows up, but the other part is Vector3.new, what.
The worst of all is the instructions themselves:
Lib.Script.setWaterState(water, state)
So you are telling me I have to do this to, for example, set the water to lava?
Lib.Script.setWaterState(_Water1, "lava")
Also to move the water:
The instructions:
Lib.Script.moveWater(water, move, dur, isLocalSpace)
It tells me that I have to do like this to, for example, move the water to 40 meters for 12 seconds:
Lib.Script.moveWater(_Water1, 40, 12, true)
I don’t really understand this but I don’t think this will work at all, so can you maybe correct me if I’m wrong?

@Kriscross102RBLX and @KrisAlt c’mere we need some help

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On this, you need help with Kriss, he can ehlp you.

(Because im to lazy to make another tutorial on this).

I make a tutorial of this in @bonusducks557 question, check it!


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I couldn’t really understand your grammar on your tutorial, sorry.

Well…I know my gramar its really bad.

So the only person can resolve your problem its @Kriscross102RBLX or @KrisAlt.

Tell to him your problem when he are online.

Also, did I mention changing water state ? Yes I did !
By the way, not a bad idea to message him, I will maybe try that.

Uhhh are you trying to ask how this works?
Lib.Script is just something that is always at the front.
I am guessing Lib is a variable for the map and Script is the event script.

setWaterState(Lib.Map.Intro._Water1, “acid”) – Just change the word acid to water or
also i am wondering is setWaterState a funciton right?
lava to have the state changed or you can do it using the value
Lib.Script.moveWater(Lib.Map.Intro._Water1, Vector3.new(0, 30, 0), 10, true)-- the 0, 30, 0, 10 looks confusing but x,y,z “speed”

Yes that is true
I hope this answer your question (also i just realised the top part was not needed)

Also why does people think the only scripter here is Kris???
What about ForbbidenJ and lots more people?

I’m guessing it’s Lib.Script.setWaterState(Lib.Map._Water1) if I don’t put the water in Intro, am I right ?

The fobbidenJ are off-line in these days.

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No its just the same there is no need to add Lib.Map There

If you say it’s true, then will this work?

Yes it will but if you really want to be sure then you just thave to test it out in the map test.

Ok I now don’t need help anymore since I got it, and I did a map with the EventScript, now I hope it will work…

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Im real sorry but I was at Phillip island for camp lmao and I couldn’t respond :frowning:

@DominoContributing please close this thread

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Do you mean topic

yes lol

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