Need someone to test my map

Hello everyone.
Sorry being so inactive for a while because I was bored a lot, that’s why I didn’t perform any progress that I’ve been planned. (Also it’s about my egotism problem, that’s why I would like to take a break from this community.)

According to the topic name.

Yes, I need some people to test my new map (But it sounds kinda old if you’ve noticed my map leak in the discord server lol, but still unfinished because I was ran out of idea)

Here is the preview

If you’re going to ask about the expectation from letting people to test this map.

  • I’m heavily concerned about the gameplay of this map, because I made some mistakes from placing the terrain in to the map.
  • I’m not sure that this map should be at Hard or Insane difficulty
  • I want to be sure that there’s no shortcut that’s possible to do in this map
  • My map must be possible to beat in solo mode, if my map has the broken gameplay or it’s impossible to escape. I’ve to fix it as fast as possible.

Full soundtrack that used in this map:

Map name: Acidulous Phenomenon
Diffculty: Currently at Hard
Play-time length: Undefined
ID: 3796679174 (Same as Grassy Plains)

If you’ve seen something weird, please reply in this topic. (This map is still unfinished. something weird maybe happened while I’m updating the model, please report in this topic or DM so I can notice your report)

Criticism and suggestions are allowed. Feel free to give your opinion about this map.


Oh welcome bac dood :>
Sure will test this later

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hello, welcome bacc

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welcome back
tho i sadly can’t test this due to homework and other things

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Welcome back! I’ll test them out right away. :+1:


Looks amazing so fa
I would test it later because uh yes

Acidulous Phenomenon was an amazing map! I really like the details and the gameplay, which I’m really surprised about how you’ve improved your building skills. The difficulty fits and I enjoyed it a lot. However, there is one shortcut, one suggestion and one problem that I found and can be added:

When reaching through the first and the second button, there is an easy way to climb up with the rocks through the third button.

You can see the example like these:

One problem I found about the next area through the 4rd button is where you can climb up the mountain that doesn’t have an invisible wall. When you climb up with the rocks, you can walk and explore without the invisible wall.

My suggestion is to add Arrow Signs. Sometimes when our map is confusing and don’t know where to go, we can always fix it. Arrow Signs can be helpful to all of the players where they need to lead around the area, and we do hope that arrow signs will understand you where to go.

Overall, the map is still amazing and it’s really fun to play. I can’t wait to see your map being finished in the future.
Good luck with your journey! :+1:


Ow. My bad, I think I’ve placed the invisible walls to all of possible ways to perform the shortcuts…but man, the 4th button problem sounds depressing to me lol, and I just noticed my another mistake is that I used “Acid” state to the water that located in the 4th button parkour when it used to be “Lava”. I will update it soon. Sorry about those mistakes, I should be more carefully before posted it.

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these jumps can be nerfed since they are way too close and a bit Thin

also add another box under the one holding this button

and maybe make the vines cancollide false

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hello popp

welcome back!!!

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this looks really good, only problem i had was that some of the deco were can collide and the first jump being relatively hard

and overall it feels more of an [Insane]


Small update

  • added some of the arrows.
  • added invisible walls to prevent some players attempt to do the shortcut
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Oh well. looks like some of my decorations ruined the gameplay :I
I will fix that.

my computer is going to explode

That’s okay! Sometimes, we make our little mistakes to our maps and we can try fixing them as soon as possible. :smile:


really cool i’ll play later

I still cannot decide about the difficulty. Not sure if I will turn this map become the Insane map later, I still cannot beat my own map becasue I lost a lot of parkour skill. After I’ve finished all of important parts in this map, I will create the poll about which difficulty that will more fitting to this map.

Also, I guess that I’ve decorated the first section enough. I will plan about the gameplay part in the end section.


  • change the fog end (from 350 to 1000) because it’s somewhat ruined the scenery
  • added a little detail in the first section
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I was updated my model. I added the parkour part at the end section… but just one I guess.

I’m still bad at making the contruction-like building, which is my huge problem from making the map and I’m not sure when I can improve it.

Until now. I’ve never make the layout before making the actual map which caused my problem about running out of idea. And this part reminded me about the Siberia Massif progress where the parkour parts look totally weird and somewhat lazy-made.

But… it’s not the time that I’ve to worry about it. the thing that I actually wanted is the gameplay feedback.

Note: after you pressed the 5th button, the huge wood platform will fall-down. and there will be some parts appeared after you’ve pressed the 5th button, also there’re the terrains will rise-up next to the terrain that located nerby the wall jump. (Attention, if there’re none of the terrains rised-up, that’s mean my script is broken, please report it if it’s not rise-up)

And my another request is, please check the door that will close after the flood at the 1st has rised for a while. if it did not rise-up or it’s rised too slow, please report about this to me, I will fix it.

The colors of the wood are too bright for the map imo, judging from the picture.

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Hmmm… kinda is… the color sounds “noodle-like” for me, it’s true that it’s not fitting for jungle/swamp map. I will change it later.

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