Negative Abyss (temporary name): [**closed**]

I’m interested in working on a map, but the thing is, I never made a map (I actually started to make one but didn’t feel so determined to finish it) So I would like help. I need 2 helpers, a programmer and a builder. Here is the details.
[Closed] Builder - you help build the map by adding in details, making it look nice, and over all just helping me.
Programmer - You’ll handle the buttons, water, wall-jumps, and the stuff that requires scripting
Here is the sign-up-
Applying for:

In addition to helping me build the map your avatar will be in a easter-egg , Thanks!
Map details:
Name: Negative Abyss
Difficulty: Crazy
Desc: It starts off as a regular facility as you get farther everthing turns into it’s negative color it features insanely long jumps with doors that take awhile to open (Like the first door in sinking ship) more details will be added once every occupation (Builder/programmer) is filled, we’ll vote on a name/song once we have a programmer/builder

You should prob add more details abt the map

User: vbuck12345678
Apply. For: Building.
Experience:Made After The Ruins, Sunset Valley, Sunset Caves, and Biomes.(btw me and harri made it and I have exp with it)
Other: Read my description.

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I will, thanks anyways

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If more people apply who don’t have as good experience as you, you got a guaranteed spot

“repeated word”

Ty for applying though

I accidently clicked on something

Username: Azuraic
Applying for: Builder
Experience: Dense Swamp, Omitted Ruins… I have a really long list of maps I’ve done.
Other: Look in my description for everything else.

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This is an example long jumps im scrapping the black/blue white/green idea.

i think you meant scripter and scripting lmao

thatll bring welds in and welds break the map (from what i know dont kill me if im wrong aaa)

those are literally 2 boxes


how does it look anything like an abyss, i have no idea okek.

Yeeah, it’s a Wip I have barley any map experience so bare with me

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But you do make good point the Abyss part is temporary, but I have few ideas

@Azuraic @CallMeVbuck Do you guys have any scripting experience if so, we can get started

Yes. I only know Folor changing, water moving button fun s and waterstates

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lmao ik you’re making a map for first time but CallMeVbuck makes not okay maps


Username: Kriscross102 (https://www.roblox.com/users/418823949/profile)
Applying for: Scripter
Experience: A lot of maps
Other: nil (don’t have any)

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LOL you the first scripter to apply