Neonistic Triangle (highly inspired by JS&B) 🔺

no i dont play jsab shut up
This was the first tank I made of the series of tanks I posted here today. I’m sure this is the last topic if I’m right. I got overall inspired by La Danse Macabre, as you can see the pickaxe as a reference.

Price: 350 coins:
Desc: Blue and pink are a dynamic duo

Main design

On avatar

Poll time again


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Please give suggestions if you have any!
Thanks for reading!
(yes the tank series has just ended)

woa this is epic

thanks lol
have any suggestions?

change the size on the up and bottom parts in the triangle
it goes through the circle

5 for too much neon sowwz :frowning:
or maybe make the neon not too bright?

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you must like neon spam

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la danse macabre omg

nice job right here tbh

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no this is the tiktok logo :joy:

actually decent my boi

dOnt mention the cursed dEmOn AAAAAAA
thanks guys

“now i suffer the curse”

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the triangle behind the slaughter

and now i’m blind
also speaking of this tank, I like it but there is this neon spam I don’t like, i’ll still vote because it’s creative and I like it.