Nerfing Facility

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Is this one of the enszo’s map? (Waving Facility?)

Did you get permission to nerf this map.

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Nope nope nope nope nope nope

Buff/nerfs of other people maps is wrong (without permission) and most of the forums is against it

Why you buffed the enszo map?

there’s a guy who steals your maps ecks dee

nice stolen map, eh?

what if he makes an original map :thinking:

reven lliw dna uoy stcepser ydobon

pretty rude honestly. even if he stole he’ll probably learn and make original maps. not always happens but what if he does?

dude. what i said is literally what i said in reverse

Nerfing Facility

Oh good. Another stolen map.

Also can you not steal maps. Enszo will probably notice.

I wish the moderators declined map posts if they are buffs from the original creator’s map.

Besides if you want the map, then just ask th creator.

Someone wanted to take my map and put it into a FE2 fan game. And he asked. (Wonder if he still has it :thinking:)

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its yo boy noobatworkalt continuing fai’s revolution of long reviews.

first off, the gameplay is horrible. it sucks. the pictures make it even worse. the color could blind where you are going. also, no effort went into this. instead of not adding a ladder for the wall jump, you did, when you didn’t need it. in fact, i will take a deeper look and see that its an impossible map. there are jumps that would still be very hard for experts, and even if you said that you nerfed it, you still need to nerf the nerfing facility.

the details suck and they are bland. there is too much spam of the same texture and it looks like you used a lot of free models in this map. also, the only nice, detailed things in the map are the boxes, which are also probably free models. use the map making kit instead of a spawn or else the map doesn’t work (first picture). also, what is the need of a leaderboard? its not like anybody will ever be able to beat the map, so just get rid of that free model. its useless. then, you stole an entire map. that changes the review.

its impossible and needs more effort put into the building. and you need to use the map making kit model to make it work. if you want a good map, then more details and nerfing need to be added into this map. don’t steal a map next time, and that concludes this review, and i’ll see you all later.


gameplay 0.4/10
details 0/10
overall 0.2/10

if you want a better review next time, then take this criticism and turn it into key things for your next map. and don’t steal it.


the map is stolen lol, already a 0

true, i forgot to add those details

its just that it was like 7 in the morning when i wrote the review and my 1 brain cell wasn’t completely activated then

@Enszo. You NEED to see this.

Wait…look the name.

Its a NERFING map.

So this map copyed another map (Waving Facility).

Its just a buff map.

Why we are making drama on this map?

We aren’t? Buffing is not right and you will not get respected for it.


It’s because I’m new to the forums.

I don’t even know what an fun insane would be (what fun can a map have? it’s very confusing for me).