(New end zone!) Dusk Snow (revamp) ❄

Status: Whitelisted, playable
BGM: Wintergartan - Paradis (pt:4) (thanks fopdoodle)
Map ID: 3458031891 (if it won’t work then maybe i typed it wrong)

Description of map:
Another meadow of Turkeyhood, Winterius (yes lmao name), was once an area of constant beauty, and just last week a high blizzard struck it. The meadow got snowed in, and around dusk the rivers & lakes were preparing to ascend. At the bad time a traveller (you, mostly) went in to take photographs and put himself in danger, as for the flooding the lakes might get acidificated because there was an acid rain nearby, and the polar winds brought it in and when the waters rise, they could quickly acidify until they become a deadly red substance. The traveller had no choice but to escape the once-known area of beauty to Turkeyhood, as that was his hometown.

Pictures of map (note that they arent’s in order):

(the blandest part of the map but yet idc)

The new end zone (yes it is legacy ok)


  • The name “Dusk Snow” was actually inspired by this song under the same title by this artist called Au5 (if you know monstercat the you might have heard about him) in 2011. The song was supposed to have this as the bgm but it wasn’t uploaded (kinda interesting)

  • I haven’t added in any arrows, so it makes the map a bit hard, but don’t worry the waters won’t flood straight away, so you have time to relax until you’re in trouble.

  • It’s actually a bit of a sequel to Turkeyhood Estate (the revamp, not the original one)

  • The original version was stupidly way too long, over the limit & the revamp should be much shorter in gameplay than the original.

  • The original was actually pink.
    Evidence: this photo

What do you think about the map?

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@FedeDoesStuff (around 11:02)


@NuxeTom (thanks :3)


So that’s it. I hope you enjoy it, but it might lag as I’m bad at managing parts :/.

Looks nice
I was abt to say some stuff abt terrain but then it was only my style of making terrain so ye xd

I have to say the map looks really nice!

Nice map… but Mat’s, the snow curves were extremely unnecessesary, it will be much better if there’s no curve in the map. Imo.

Dusk Snow as a revamp version is so amazing!
I like the details, and they look great! The assets were so nice and very fantastic. The designs are splendid, and the gameplay is so much fun!

You deserve a great vote. Good job! :smile: :+1:

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Thanks phex, this map was actually stressing to build but somehow I completed it just before Christmas :/…


also very coolio landscape however the photos make th emap look a bit bland ngl, playing this gives me a better insight idk why
but cool concept


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since its a “sort of” sequel to turkeyhood, it does feel like there’s going to be a map saga or something
a saga im sure is like a legend story or smthn

i think they are cool plus the map was after a blizzard and the snow piles are there for a reason

I won’t mind if that’s your concept but in my feeling, It’s ruined for some reasons. But this map is good in overall anyway.

Snow piles I guess are cool but some of them look super chunky. Why do people still use spheres? I prefer a smooth mesh since it would look more realistic and it wouldn’t look extremely ugly. Also don’t overuse them.

i dont use blender

Uh what i actually meant was, I wanted to do something unusual for terrain on this map. For me it worked, at least for this map, sorry if it might appear “weird”(i am weird lol) or anything like that.

Just because you don’t use it mean doesn’t mean there’s room for improvement.

i might change it in the future

Also is that an excuse for you to not take my suggestion? I know you don’t need to accept all suggestions but the way you word it seems as if it’s an excuse.

um ok but those updates might wait

One thing I suggest removing is the vines. They are very strange to see in an environment like this. Many of the other details are nice and it’s somewhat appealing. I like it.


this map is super good and its gonna be in my christmas special :smiley:

Thanks ;w;