New map ID format idea

I previously suggested to Crazyblox in a DevForum message that multiple maps can be crammed into a single asset ID to ease the demand for additional slots, and it looks like he’s taking that idea full force.

With FE2 Map Test now supporting map packs in single model assets, I’d like to share my idea to extend the old map ID format to allow for selecting individual maps from a pack.

Asset IDs with a single map would be loaded the traditional way:


Asset IDs with multiple maps, however, would instead print a list of available maps to the output. To load one of these maps, you would need to type their name with a slash notation. For example:

12345/My Map

To load all the maps from a pack at once, you would instead type an asterisk:


I hope something like this gets implemented in FE2 Map Test. In the meantime, I’m working towards having a similar map-loading system in Open Flood Test.


dam you had good ideas


This would help a lot as I have been trying to test out one map but I don’t want to use 7 different slots.