New map lol

ok so im looking for a team of good builders (up to 10 to be exact) for a new map idea i had a while back.

so it was originally meant to be for my game flood golf but i cancelled the project. i recently revised my idea board and thought it might be a good idea to make an fe2 version!

map name: facility invincible
music: https://youtu.be/J2X5mJ3HDYE

side note: i am not looking for any scripters. i have that covered ( @Ethan76167 wanna help lol? )

also this map will be listed as a HaloDev Games map.(yes every creator will have their character at the end of the map)

and another side note: the start will have an mp lock.

01 • @Ethan76167 (not surprising lol)
02 • @Carefulscary
03 • @Kroha
04 • @Skitt13s
05 • @givemenamepls
06 • @alternoobive
07 • @CryoHellish
08 • @a456pur
09 • @jlintgod
10 • @CrazyDevst

[post solutions will be the updates]
↓ reply if you would like to join! ↓

Lol should I join?

up to you. though you need some building experience (i want this map to be better than facility meltdown)

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hi can i join please??



@SirFart would like to join



Epic :thinking:

can T-Series be in your map?

first, welcome to the forums
second, how good are you at building?

only subscribe to pewdiepie pls and yes ik you are a good builder

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no felix’s channel really sux

support us. NOW

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Our ol’ friend Sans has a message for you, if you don’t like us or don’t support us:

S c r i p t e r

We will help with the scripts, too
We are good at scripting!

If I can join, then maybe. I have a good amount of building experience but a bad work ethic :/.

I could but I’m not the best at facility maps. But I’m slowly getting better!