New map sneak peak(Discontinued)

Im making another map called sanctuary heights.
Inspired on Mesosphere and sky sanctuary

Updated picture v.0.3.4

Looks good so far! :+1:

Thanks :+1:

New Changes!

That’s a good start. Keep it up!

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The Pillar is not a model also new changes!

The Floating Parts Is not freemodel

I Only Will use tree freemodel cause idk how to make a tree

No… dont use free model at all Pleas

I’m bad making a Tree

But i can use texture free model

Good devs use freemodels(maybe lol)

no, they dont. they make all the assets themselves. if your really having that much trouble making a tree, use meshes

New Changes! also i will dont put trees

Sky Sanctuary vibes now.


ok so it looks good but theres a complaint that i have. those islands dont look natural from the outside. idk how to say it tbh

If Someone have suggestions talk for make map better

I will remade the map cause islands is bad and i don’t will be more a sanctuary
cause contain a lot of forest things

Will be in another topic now

then wouldn’t we all be master builders?

not all because most of us dont use free models