(NEW ROOM!) Forest Grounds πŸƒ

Status of map: Not whitelisted


Description: This is my second map, its a forest with a mineshaft thats getting flooded with water! Can you escape?

Pictures/Videos of map:

Videos of map: None at the moment

looks cool, big improvement from abandoned mines aswell

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Nice! Enjoy a vote!

Thank you!

I made the scripts work properly!
if this map gets 4 votes then new record of votes in my maps

looks like anything from early 2018 or Christmas 2017 period idk why

i wanted to make it simple since i also want it to be playable in low end devices

oh ok

the map is nice anyways, I don’t really like the trees that much but they are decent I guess

also this reminds me of foggy woodlands

maybe add a custom ambience…? Could do as the map looks a bit boring not gonna lie

i’ll try, however i cant say that i can make a good ambience

UPDATE! Changed colour to a more yellow-ish ambient theme.

the trees remind me of damnepiccaleb’s Flood Forest trees

never heard of that map…
and WOW im surprised! I NEVER got 5 votes! thank you so much everyone!

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Looks decent
Try adding fog to make it look better

I would, but i think it wont rlly look good, as the air is supposed to not be foggy

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what did you use for the terrain?

ummm… Parts?

i use wedges

like i mean right now

oh, i just got used to using parts for it
also new detail update soon