New user here!

hey everyone, i’m IAteYourPancake! (no i did not actually eat your pancake)
i’m a p big fan of fe2! i don’t build maps but i do draw stuff a lot :smiley:
obvs i’m new here, so feel free to stop and say hi!! maybe we could get to know each other :thinking:
have an awesome day!!

p.s. i do requests as long as they’re not nsfw/too complex :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Forums!

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welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

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Is that profile pic drawn by you? If so it’s much better than me. lol

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yes lmao
i shoulda changed it a long time ago actually aaa

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Welcome mate!

Greetings. Hope you have a good time.
(Where did you make that PFP I mean that’s so well made XD)

made it myself in procreate pocket :slight_smile:


Visibly sceptical

Welcome to the forums.

oh no someone is going to replace my pfp making



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All I have to say is…

(insert long, dramatic pause here)

welcome to the forums!

Welcome to the forums :DDD
also where is my pancakes then

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Welcome to the Crazyblox Games Forums. Hope you enjoy.

Did I miss the new user on Forum? But anyway, welcome to the Community of Crazyblox Game! :smiley:

hello my child, hope you’ll enjoy your stay here. :slight_smile:

Hi. I hope to get to know you before too long.

Also, don’t randomly eat my pancakes please.

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