[New Ver in post] Serene Summit ⛰

New Version : Serene Summit ⛰ [Revamped]

After working on this map for over 3 weeks, I present Serene Summit! It has somewhat unique gameplay for a mountain map, as it is styled to look like an actual mountain, instead of being flat areas surrounded by walls. (Now that I think of it, it’s more of a valley. Oops)

  • Facts
    Parts: 7139
    Time: 1:30
    Difficulty: Hard Medium
    ID: v9zgct1

A nice view of the bottom

The cave section

View from the top

I messed up while building the tree model and there is Z-Fighting on the leaves. Please try your best to ignore it

Stuff I want to improve

  • Extra details. I think I need more bushes / rocks. Also top view needs work
  • Tree problem. I made a new model for the tree but the old one is used 60+ times and are all different sizes/ rotations.
  • Border Problem. I want to turn the valley back into a mountain, and fix the trunk/black brick thing. There are wayyyy too many gaps

Okay that’s it! I’m gonna take a hiatus until late august. I’ll still lurk around on the forums and do the updates. Our next stop, Windswept Ridges, is gonna be next. And I may make it a crazy map!

Serene Summit :mountain:

I’d suggest cutting down this massive part count. The overall theme is great, but the part count kind of ruins the map. Maybe try to optimize it a little bit?

New tree model cuts down on a ton of parts.

Dang it I put an exclamation point on the title again

Oh dang, that mountain is so trippy.

I like the map from the pictures, though the cave is wayyy too empty and blocky in my opinion. You should try to add some more depth to the terrain of the cave and other things to capture the feeling of a cave. Cool level!

Ok. I’ll make sure to do that in the update

The 1st picture blew me away but then the 2nd and 3rd made it feel bland. Try adding more details but cool way of terrain there!

Thanks! I’m thinking of adding stalactites to the cave and probably some clear patches and rocks in the overview