πŸ’€ Nightmare Realm πŸ’€

Status: Gathering Support

Description of Map
Welcome to the Nightmare Realm. Encounter glowing trees, vibrant crystals, and… and a creepy eye? Make your way out of the nightmare before you drown! [Map is nearing completion, yet some things are subject to change]
Pictures of Map-

wow I like it

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wauw so kewl

The glowing crystals and trees make it feel more like a fantasy than a nightmare.

Are the trees/rocks free meshes? But I love it!

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i dont think so

I liked everything till I saw the eyeball, scarred for life dood :C

2000th post yay

Looks cool, but the eyeball made me scarred for liyf


This is just simply amazing and extraordinary! Good job!

revive (DON’T KICK ME FOR THIS PLEASE. I’m allowed to revive old maps, since I don’t revive much of them like @FedeDoesStuff)

what do you mean with dont kick me

what do you mean with this @ca_refulx

I actually really like the theme of this map. I hope it gets added, also I can’t vote it im out of votes

Looks amazing

Sadly map is old and it wont get added :frowning_face:

heyyyy sorry for revive but is there any chance on this map coming back???
i dont think you’ll ever see it lol

A map and when i see that eye ball i need to touch it XD

purple indigo 1st version??
jk lol