Nine Circles [Crazy]

Status: Whitelisted, Gathering Support.

– Description of Map –

ID: 2896392276

Background Music: NightKilla - Nine Circles

Estimated Time To Complete: 1:31~1:32

Part Count: 7557 (5703 with LDM)

My second Flood Escape 2 map that seems pretty okay, please do leave feedback so I can improve next time! The map mostly contains white, yellow and red.

Epilepsy Warning - Map contains tons of flashing lights and very bright light.
Geometry Dash Gameplay Warning - Map contains gameplay heavily inspired by the game Geometry Dash.

I also remember creating a topic about NC 3 days ago, I’m not sure what happened to it but never mind that…

– Credits and Inspiration –

Compared to Technological Destruction (TD), I think it’s safe to say Nine Circles (NC) is better than TD in terms of scripts. Honestly I don’t think I like NC as much as I like TD, I listened to the criticism TD received and avoided abusing wraparounds which unfortunately ended up making NC too easy. I want to thank all the people who have helped me test NC when it was still a work in progress, special thanks: @anoproxicate, @Ethan76167, @Nez, 3s_n, e_xstella, Deselt2, Cll0y, BuildIntoGamesMaster, @Kayo, @iiKingOfDark and some of my friends I might have forgotten about (sorry!) for supporting me and testing out NC!

This map is heavily inspired by a Geometry Dash revolutionary level Nine Circles by Zobros, during the drop players will no longer be jumping and moving around, players will enter a “wave” mode inspired by the wave gamemode Geometry Dash. The original verifier for the map was supposed to be @anoproxicate but dropped it complaining about the wave part and its difficulty spike for players who have never played Geometry Dash before, this made me realise that not everyone has played Geometry Dash before so I added 4 buttons in the 2nd room of NC, the buttons from left to right are: Unnerfed, Nerfed, Easy, Noclip. These buttons can only be pressed by the VIP Server Owner or if you’re in Map Test Solo.

– Pictures of Nine Circles –

– Update Logs –
Update 2.1 - 09/15/2019
• Patched shortcut in the first room.
• Added up arrow key control for wave.
• Fixed wave breaking.
• Added anti-freeze glitch on the wave.
• Fixed secret room fog breaking.
• Changed wave, 3x speed is slightly slower and 0.5x speed is faster.

Update 2.2 - 09/17/2019
• Fixed bug causing wave to stop functioning.
• Fixed portals not working in noclip mode.
• Minor edit to arrow at fake part.
• Added more details in the wave.
• Part Count increased from 7.5k to 8k.
• LDM Part Count lowered from 5.7k to 4.5k.
• Added experimental lag reducer.
• Pulsing slows down when you slow down in the wave.

Update 2.21 - 09/21/2019
• Added small picture at the end.
• Unnerfed Mode is now default instead of Nerfed.
• Fixed spectate breaking fog in secret room.

– Most updated videos on Nine Circles –

Unnerfed - Update 2.21 (Vid by Cll0y):

Nerfed (Noclip) - Update 2.1 [Outdated!] (Vid by Lexile_Lem / lemdude39):

Easy - Update 2.21 (Vid by Enszo):

– Fun Fact(s) / Secret –
Triggering the secret will unlock a button to activate Extreme Mode in Technological Destruction.
Room after the wave is a part of Technological Destruction.

epic map, however i don’t really like the last section. looks kinda bland there. but great map!

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I like it

Nice map

Noice map
omg make GD in FE2… Its possible?
You god of scripting (better han Etahn OwO)


“I doubt Crazyblox would want Geometry Dash copies inside of his game.”

Ooh, I’m going to get hated for this.

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insert ethan crying in the corner

it’s map testing for a reason

and don’t hit me wit the it’s a joke, th0nks pl0x

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it’s also green

you really thought I was joking…?

as I remember, map testing was made for people to submit maps for the game. :))

alright so, don’t mind my previous criticism, but i’ll just test the map alright alright

GD Flashbacks

you did it to like 4 people in the past day or two so l0l


Map testing =/= Map Submitting :))

sure sure :))

oof ok

Great map! Honestly don’t know what you could add. Hope you get a lot of votes for this!

Nine circles nostalgiaaaa
Fun fact: I hacked nine circles

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Nobody asked