[NO LONGER DOING THESE] Planning to do a Map Revoow 👏 (Pt. 2)


Ok so if you know about this: Planning to do a Map Revoow 👏

Then you know the drill. If not, you should check it out because it gives all the information. After you are done reading that five paragraph essay (aka legit super long terms of service and privacy policy because everyone reads that lol) then come back here and torture your eyes with more reading.

Okay so this gonna be shorter than that, so you don’t need to torture your eyes. So any maps that are not on the forums or if one the topics have been locked (such as Blue Moon) I’ll just do my review here because where else would I put it? In my creepy closet (jk)? Also if you request me to review your map, it will go in the queue.


  • Trick or Flood
  • UnderSci
  • Western Frontier
  • Tropical Terrains

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ok mood

Okay since when did this get 6 likes lol. Anyways, I’m gonna review Dystopia today if I can…

Most of the maps here I’m gonna review are Enszo Maps. So don’t really expect a huge variety of maps by other people.


Map Revoow :clap: : Dystopia

Okay so Dystopia. This is the only map by Enszo that I think he actually put effort into. All his other maps… mehh (we are going off-topic).

Okay so Dystopia (wow repeating lines). It’s honestly cool. The design used to be pretty bland, but now it’s improved and I really like it. The hallway with the random bland part just in there ruins it. This is such a major problem for Crazy maps imo, they put these stupid parts that don’t look natural and ruins the maps. I don’t go easy on stuff like that. So minus oh idk, 100 points?! Just, don’t put parts that don’t look natural. The tower is somewhat fine. One gripe I just have is the tower color. White? Seriously? Imo, the white looks garbage on the tower. I prefer red over the bland and bright white. The spin room doesn’t have any detail. It looks really bad. All it is flags, platforms, and a SpinCamera 9000 Series 5 Pro from the FBI. This room looks the worst imo. The last section is creative, with you being tricked into thinking you escaped to the outdoors, but really it was a trap and another facility under it (Waving Facility) is now the place where you will be staying FOREVER (jk).

Gameplay is sorta cool. I guess the room where you can’t jump is interesting…

The tower is pretty cool as well. Don’t know about some of the platforms though…

The spin room is the most interesting part of the map. You having to jump from platform to platform while still trying to avoid a spinning laser. The last button room really tests you reflexes. I don’t have anything else to say.

My overall rating: 8/10

It’s a creative and somewhat creepy map. The concept is fantastic but there’s just these smalls things that need to be changed.


Okay I’m gonna redo my Blue Moon Review because I feel like it was very lazy and rushed.

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blue moon is “perfect” map lol
best part for me = OST

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Okay so I saw from a video that Mars’s end was updated (unless it’s always been like that). So I’ll boost my rating up to an 7.95/10.

Also if the last button’s parkour is gonna get a nerf (or the flood should get a nerf), I think it should get buffed. Most of the parkour is fairly easy. It’s kinda like the old Blue Moon, except it’s not. lol.

after boo moon (blue moon) if you want to revoow my map Trick or Flood ID: 2393497861 th0nks

did you forget about the AIA (anti inf air) system because grande tony made it make a review about the AIAS rn

You do realize that it is completely useless for me to rate something that disables cheats. There’s no point reviewing it. Also this is a MAP REVIEW.

sep 23 since last map review

nice job i approve

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I’m not up to date with the homeboys.

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Ik that

I’m so sorry that I haven’t been able to do any map reviews. I have homework, maps to work on, and much more! I’ll figure out a plan on Monday or Tuesday regarding reviews! Also I’ll put a new section in the post called “Queue” It will just be list of maps that are currently pending for a review.


Okay so I’m not gonna be doing any more map reviews sadly. This is because I haven’t planned anything out yet and I have broken my promise:

Until I figure out something, no more map reviews.


Also same thing is going to happen to item reviews. Besides I only reviews one tank. I haven’t reviewed a skin or an aura (but skins are dead here so…)


I’ll still give criticism, I’m just going to stop map reviews.

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Okay all you need to know is that map reviews are coming back. I don’t have time rn to explain everything but that’s all you need to know.


Okay so I have some explaining to do…

Yes map reviews are coming back but they are different…

All the same things I mention in this post will still be here but I have some new points that I think are really important to share:

  • I’m putting more effort into these. I rush my review all the time and I really don’t explain certain points correctly. I’m lazy. I won’t become a good map reviewer if I review maps like a bum.

  • New layout but nobody cares about that lol

  • Points will now be scored out of 1000. I know it’s a lot but I don’t care lol

And a new point system. I used to be stupid and rated maps whatever but now I’ve developed a point system…


  • Unnatural/out of place parts: -20
  • Z-Fighting, Ability to see parts of the map you aren’t allowed to, and Clipping (I rarely take points off for this): -10
  • Strange or unneeded details: -10
  • Model, Part, and Texture spam: -5
  • Bad color combos: -10
  • Weird lighting: -15


  • Unfair or luck-based jumps: -10
  • Platform spam: -5
  • Confusing gameplay: -5
  • Unmatching difficulty: -10
  • Bad button placement: -10
  • Unneeded wrap-arounds, jumps, or anything else: -15
  • Unfitting music: -5

I may keep adding to this but for now I think it’s fine. Next review is Blue Moon so stay tuned for that I guess.