Not sure about my gender

i’m confused about my gender. i don’t feel like a boy anymore :confused:
not only that, but most lgbtq+ people in my school get bullied SO MUCH
so leave thoughts in replies

hey hey, it’s fine to feel off or not like your gender, be what gender or sexuality you want to!


it’s fine dude, be whatever gender or sexuality you want to


you can be whatever gender or sexuality you want

you are lucky that you wasnt born in CIS countries


you shouldn’t care about what others think about you. its only really going to bring you down and affect your decision on stuff in life. don’t depend on others either, just focus on yourself and once you’ve made your decision, tell people who you trust(i’d say don’t say more than 2 people in your school) and hopefully they’ll be supportive.

you can be any sexuality or gender you want!!


do whatever you want
im not good w/ this stuff


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got nothing much to say but dysphoria sucks

i have dealt with it before and yeah just try and keep your mind off it unless you literally cant

anyway about the school part: just try and keep it 100% secret and you should be good. i myself havent been to school since my dysphoria started getting really bad so i cant offer too much advice here unfortunately

if you want someone to talk to about this, my dms are always open :purple_heart:

edit: spelling lmao


be whoever you wanna be dude, dont let people pull you down, dont let yourself pull you down, you’re the boss of you and if you wanna transition, do it. do all the research you want and be who you wanna be, understood?

and hey, and if you get bullied, tell it to a teacher, parent, or a principal, it seems cliche but it can help you sort these types of problems much easier and better, trust me…


If ur not +18 yet, only thing im gonna say is

Worry about school,get hobbies please.

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