Obscure Kingdom

Status: Whitelisted

Description of Map
A map based on most good 2017 nature maps.

Map Information
ID: 4367161358
Creator(s): FedeDoesStuff
Music: Elektronomia - Desire

Quarry by DeltaAimee
Moss Valley by Jindijim


ignore the green lights in buttons, btw

2017 mapp


Oops I forgot to add ID
Its the same as plastically boring, let me add it rq

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Also @billie could you change it to #map-creations:mapsubmissions-hard please? Thanks

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inside of castle kinda bland

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yea idk what to add

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Also sorry if my building downgraded it always happens to me for some reason
I take like a week break from studio and I’m worse

ok I’ve been updating the castle

@Epic_Sponge does it look less bland?


looks better


Time to make Castle Tides [2021] :sunglasses:


map’s updated

Map is kinda bland and doesn’t really have a unique twist to it. The castle is the only unique-ish part about this map.

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poggers map

Ah yes, the guy who kept asking for givemenamepls to record his own maps for attention :roll_eyes:

that was when i was like 9 years old i’m 14 now and i’ve grown up ok no more of that stuff happening

i agree lol

yeah map test existed for 5 years

Wow very simple and unique map

What parts exactly are bland? Really isn’t helping me to improve the map.


most maps outside parts are “bland” so just accept it