Ocean Palace

Status: Completed
Map ID: 4506085303

Description of Map
An ancient palace far off in the middle of the ocean that is only supported by a singular, small island. However, the island can no longer fully support the weight of the grand structure as it has continued to grow over time. It is starting to sink, but there is one room made just in case of any potential floodings. You must traverse the halls, bridges, and towers to reach it at the very center.


RobloxScreenShot20200206_205052643 RobloxScreenShot20200206_205101329

Other information:

After having put this off for so long… it’s finally here! I’m looking for some feedback on this map. Now to get these out of the way before anyone asks:

Map ID: 4506085303
This is the same map ID I used for my nostalgic map-pack which contains all of my old maps in mostly working order. I kinda had to do this because I have a glitch for my Studio which ROBLOX hasn’t fixed in over 5 months that prevented me from updating the proper model, so I combined it into that one and just kinda made it the home for all of my maps (and maybe future ones if I feel like it). Details on the issue here in case you also have this bug and would like to report in on it.

What music did you use?
I… don’t really know. The ID is 1837878127 and simply called Oceans. You can find the other music IDs I used for my other maps on this post here (and some other stuff).

The mechanics
Yes, I’m aware given that this map has some custom mechanics in it that it severely lowers the chances of it getting into the actual game. Getting it into the game wasn’t my intention in the first place (though if it does… cool). It was more of a community thing and just wanted to try having fun with it.

Some particles show through other blocks?
Unfortunately due to a rendering issue on ROBLOX’s behalf, particles, beams, and other effects do not work well on top of transparent parts (like the water). So I had to do a little janky workaround to make sure the effects are visible from all angles. If anyone happens to know a better way to deal with it: I’m all ears.

Any further questions or suggestions, please leave them down below!



Voted this because I have seen it in forum and I’m really impressed already lol.


voted because it looks cool.

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looks alright


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this gives me sonic vibes for some reason

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Ocean Palace is an amazing and superb map I have ever played, and it is one of my favorite map in FE2MT. :fish:

The gameplay is fun and challenging, and it fits the difficulty of the map. The good thing is that I really like those concept, designs and the details here; they all look fantastic and fits the map theme. The BGM is very relaxing and calm, and it fits very well.

This map deserves an amazing vote, and I really liked the gameplay so much!
Keep up the great job. :+1:



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Yeah! Shadoku is back!

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Very awesome dude very awesome

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How did you make a light in window of 2nd image?

Also epic map

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this honestly feels like a revamp of aquatic ngl

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you know hype is real when doctorfed makes a vid on a map

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mat stop hacking mac’s acc pls

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me is not matzareb 100

Ja ja yuo got espose :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph::pensive:

Man. This is quite good.

I like how the map looks really unique with the meshes, and I like the mermaid animation. The final part is my most favorite one. And the gameplay is unique with the fountain obstacles.

But the Fish fountain that make you reached to 5th button is somewhat luck based, and I’m completely do not like it. It take me 1/5 chance to reach the button, or else you will just fell in to the water, and then that’s way too late to reach. So this may ruins the gameplay a lot, I suggest to increase the hit box of the fountain or changed to be normal obstacle, ik that it used to be unique but if it’s luck based, then it would be the bad deal.

the tower section is the least favorite one for me but wasn’t that too bad. The “texture” parts with red color did not fit with the theme imo, maybe it could be dark blue instead.

But in general, this map got the unique design/gameplay, which I’m really like it.

Design + Details: 8.75/10 (Amazing)
Gameplay: 7.75 (Good)
Overall: 8.25 (Excellent map)


You know i would make up a unique name for this like

Tide Alcazars
Seaway Manor

not always the name needs to be complex

also shadoku you should nerf the wall jumps, they’re not too easy (for me) to be honest