Oh hey, a teaser pic for a map i'm making

I’ve never done one of these before, but iv’e been working on this new map i’m making for the past few days, here’s what i have now

Note: this is what it will look like when you get to the room in the game, not when you start as you would instantly die anyway

Hmmmmmmmm Idk what I think

please dont use the dark sci facility hardware texture for walls and floors. it kinda makes it look weird. atleast make the textures bigger and alter the opacity a bit. a good tip is to make walls out of smooth plastic/diamond plate/metal and then make stripes of the hardware texture with the opacity of 0.3 or 0.4.


alright, sounds good, i’ll fix that up now


though i am going to keep some platforms the same, i will change most to how you said

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I agree with noobive, some of it looks kinda out of place. What you could do is make some of the platforms look like walkways that have fallen apart. Also try altering the opacity on the lava texture (you don’t have to but it looks cool if you get it right)


alright, how does this look at the moment?

surely looks better but that wall thingy with those weird stripes looks messy imo.

The wall next to the small platform or the wall at the end?

this thing

but which one is it? the left most one or the one at the end??

both lol

oh, i just made the bits on them smaller and more spread out lol

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Now? its not like i changed that much

The lava looks so much better owo

yeah, although the ambient for the map during gameplay is only at 8,8,8 so i may make it a little brighter because it makes the last few rooms too dark in low detail mode
Edit: its now at 30,30,30 so hopefully its good

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DSF core textures look bad. Change it to something else.

that’s the worst type of detailing i’ve ever seen ngl, you need to use variant type of material and texture not just hardware texture, it’s boring if it’s overused. yes it’s sci-fi, it doesn’t mean the map can only have hardware and digital texture. a good inspiration would be UnderSci or Electrical Malfunction (just don’t overuse one color). the orange lava doesn’t even fit.

sorry if im harsh.

eh, i’ve been cutting down on the textures a bit, and to note that this is only one small part of the map, though i will use other things as well