Oil Dish (didn't mean to be a tank)

Hey there community! I was using blender to make an castle. But the Cylinder broke somehow and broke the castle. I wanted to make an window by cubes, but it broke too, and it changed shape to an spike.
It looked like an oil dish, so i exported it. Hope you like it!

Tank name: Oil Dish
Tank Price: 100 Coins
Tank Desc: “Your Dad is going to groud you for taking his stuff.”
Amount of parts in the Tank: 1 MeshPart & 1 Particle Emitter.






Hope you like it! (Please read what i written on the Topic Name.)
You can use my Oil Dish in your projects! Link to the model: https://web.roblox.com/library/4859828784/The-Oil-Container

y submit when the tank is open source

Have you read the Topic Title?

you didn’t have to submit

I always wanted to make an tank and when i made the mesh in blender, i said: “Why not to try making an tank?”