Ok, Discord Had Broke On My PC For No Reason

So I Would Sure You That Discord Broke My Pc, I think, Because I opened Discord but it Broke,
For NOTHING! Now I am Confused that I was Knowing that It Was Fine Yesterday, but Idk what’s going on rn.
Here’s Proof.

bruh moment

something in your discord’s javascript is broken
sorry dude
just reinstall or something

But only I use Discord on my Phone

then why were you going on discord on pc
if you only use it on your phone

idk why

then this is…

useless post!!!1!!

can u like don’t

ok then
but still…

Sorry Harri But Reinstall Didn’t Work

that’s actually what happened to me too. tried reinstalling it and nothing worked. my parents had to take it to a professional or something idk and the only way that it got fixed is by data resetting

happening to me too.



if you force close discord when the error pops up,

then reopen it and bam it should work