Ok for the last time

Am. I. A. Bad. Person?

  • Yes, you are. You better go to hell!
  • Maybe? I don’t wanna offend you…
  • No, you aren’t! We all appreaciate you being here.
  • I have no idea, I don’t know who you are anyways.

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I can tell that some negativity is coming towards me
And no, this isn’t a topic for attention, I created this post because there’s something not right about myself and I want honest answers of you guys think about me.

Attention grabbing? I don’t think so. Sorry if I’m being toxic, I’m about done with this toxic community, but no, you aren’t bad.

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Sorry but don’t think that’s how you solve problems, by complaining about problems without doing anything about it. Not tryna be harsh, just saying.


Hew, yo copw mw posd >:(


jesus christ I told you I’m already done with you…

Let me put this straight. Complaining won’t help make the community a better place. If this community is so “toxic”, then get out and find other communities which aren’t as “toxic”.

“Ah yes, I hate this community so much, I’m done with it, but I come online every single day to just complain about it, because complaining for sure will solve the problems it has!”

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In all communities have in planet, they have an toxic part, it can be bigger (it’s means the community it’s toxic) or it can be smaller (it’ means the community it’s not too toxic)

bro do you think i didnt know that lol

Oh, I thought you didn’t know that part, I was just saying that to complement your phrase, I’m sorry if I offended you with my phrase, I don’t have intention.

I see that one guy T-posing with a computer on his head says I’m a bad person

You know I had to know the reason why