OK here is the new problem: I saw someone buffed a map named Overflow, ping kayo now

Their name is Bonnie (sorry i cant screenshot or whatever cause my gadget slowed down)


oh ooof

nana is confirmed to the worst FE2 community member. And I am fully agree with it like seriously lol.

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wth why u post this

because you are doing very bad in this community.

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!?!?? wat

i cancelled buffinh and quit buffing

ok sooo why is buff kayos map?

i didnt do that it was shadow bonnie but i reported this to kayo and crazyblox forum

better if you dont even started doing buffs.

i quit stealing maps and quit buffing them

didn’t you buff maps
that’s a bit hypocritical

i did buff maps but now i stop and quitted that

agree 100%

and? don’t give them attention, they’ll think they’re getting popular from buffing maps
just don’t even make posts about them

stop saying this, you’d better not start doing it at all

i will no longer start buffing

ah you making no sense

im making sense but u spelled sense wrong