(ok) Unstabilized Apprehension

Map ID: 4262708405
Creators: me jesus christ

Description: its terrible leave me alone im not a good builder and i cannot create good stuff. plus its edgy map made by the same edgy person.


Darren, a 8 year old was suffering from a nightmare and a disease called Unstabilized Apprehension. He was suffering from that from the past few days, weeks, months, years. Despite that, a fellow doll wants to help him overcome his fears but in doing so, he has to escape rather than come up to him. All he had to do was go over the rooms that was contained in his nightmares.

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/1KEB6Og5HcE





Good map.

Hmm. Seems well.

Hmm this map actually looks cool while being blocky. But you should keep in mind the neon will kill graphics 10 users.

I will record this map in 3 endings in a row

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Nice map but for some reason the map always time out me xd

come on, stop saying lies, if its even true at least you making original maps, not overdrive buffs.
(eternal sorrow doesnt count)

DressPress stop ghosting me

darren is hot ngl


this map was fun to beat

ok send video

i gotta upload it

Darren has fears of red and white tiles huh

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seems legit, r/wooooosh


psst it’s woooosh with 4 o’s



r/ihavereddit is for the people that use r/woooosh and others out of reddit lOL

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should i make a map, quite similar to this map style