Old Apartment

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they should ad old apartment

It looks cool man!

when I first saw this map it was a little blade but the update made it better I like it but change the end at the stairs like make holes or missing path or what ever but I played it before and its very cool and its a twist on indoor maps! wanna make a map together? cause I make maps too if not its ok but if yes send me your user and ill accepted friend request and we will make a map together!!!

Herr is a video of me testing out Old Apartment! https://youtu.be/3GNcaMFEiUM

hard map ;-;

very easy imo

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6 attempts fyi

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its cause im terrible at map testing >:c

Aaaa it’s hard for me idk y lol
It turns into lava too fast ;-;
But eh it’s prob becuz I’m slow lol

back when i had insane ratings i rated this Very Easy Insane

I’ll rate it as a normal insane lol
i beat it b4

I revived la postaa!!!

Honestly now that I see this map I feel like it’s too bland

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cuz it is
but the concept is cool

though it’s pretty cool, even for its time

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(totally not trying to find old maps to play)

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Yes an very nostalgic map!

old map moment